I use ansible to read a var file and then create a kickstart file and command to execute remotely.    It ends up looking something like this:

virt-install --name r9-sandbox2 --ram 2048 --disk path=/VM/r9-sandbox2-sda,size=20,bus=sata --vcpus 2 --os-type linux --os-variant rhel9.0 --network bridge=br0,model=virtio  --graphics vnc,listen=,port=5918 --initrd-inject=myks.ks --extra-args 'inst.text inst.ks=file:/myks.ks' --location http://dl.rockylinux.org/pub/rocky/9/BaseOS/x86_64/os/ --sound none --noautoconsole  --autostart

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With CentOS I’m used to install VM’s using kickstart without local
media (e.g. a boot iso) with a command like:

  virt-install ... -location "http://..../9-stream/BaseOS/x86_64/os/" \
      --initrd-inject ks.cfg --extra-args="inst.ks=file:///ks.cfg"

When I try a similar command with Rocky Linux (I tried both .../os/
and .../kickstart/ in the URL paths) it loads vmlinuz and initrd.img,
but it fails later: for version 8 and 9 different things happen
(timeouts in 8 and endless loops in 9).  Is there a way to achieve
a virt-install with kickstart (and without downloading and mounting

Thanks, Jos

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